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Susan Sontag

Welcome to Adventures for the Soul ...

and darling I am here for the woman who often catches herself saying, "I just wish I could get away for one day" or "I feel like my life is just one big to-do list". I am here for that woman who is busting at the seams for a richer and more adventurous life. My name is Bettina(Jo), and I am the founder of Adventures for the Soul. My mission is to create events and retreats that allow over-scheduled and over-worked women like us a place to renew, revive and rediscover our best, joyous-selves.

When asked where do I get my ideas for events and retreats, I can't help but giggle a little. Honestly, I get my ideas from eavesdroping on conversations women are having at the local coffee shop, PTA meetings and the checkout line at the grocery store. The overall theme is the desire for a little "me-time", the need to unplug from all of our resposibilities and most of all, the desire to add more joy and happiness to our everyday lives.
Ladies, its time to create lives we don't need vacations from. Let the adventures begin!!!

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