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Our Speakers

Sachea, Host of Sachea Around The World

Sachea has gone through two passports without repeating a country. She has embarked on a travel journey that has enabled her to develop a strong and confident voice, that once was a whisper. She uses her voice to encourage novice travelers who need a little boost and motivation to take their first international trip.

Cheryl Gentry, Founder of Glow Global Events

Cheryl is the Founder and CEO of Glow Global Events, an award winning event management agency. An avid international traveler for business as well as pleasure, she journeyed to Cuba on a humanitarian mission and has visited Dubai, Madrid, South Africa and Morocco. She summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in 5 days, skydived from 10,000 feet, trekked alongside silverback gorillas in Rwanda and walked with lions in South Africa.

Patricia Kelly, Ebony Horsewomen

 Mrs. Patricia Kelly in the Founder of Ebony Horsewomen. Her mission is to empower youth toward successful lives through the use of equine-asisted growth, educational programs, and wellness activities.

Dawn Fitch, Founder and Owner of Pooka Pure & Simple

Dawn Fitch is the founder of Pooka Pure and Simple, a handmade bath and body company. After battling illness and feeling the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, she began reading the labels on many of her cosmetic products and becoming increasingly aware of the dangerous chemicals in them.That's when the realization hit that she had an incredible business idea and Pooka was born!

Pooka has been featured on The Today Show, CBS Evening News, Essence Magazine and Women's Wear Daily. In 2012 Dawn was recognized for her social media skills and was blessed to be on the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine.

She has just starred a new community called the Best Life Tribe, where people who are on a journey to a more holistic, healthy lifestyle can connect and grow.

Naomi Grevemberg

Naomi and her husband decided to trade their traditional life in for an amazing adventure, traveling the country in their van, "Irie". Naomi lives of life on her own terms.

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